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What is the advantage of oral drug administration?

Overdose can be managed with antidotes

Which route allows direct absorption into the bloodstream?

Sublingual route

What is the primary advantage of enteric-coated preparations?

Protection against stomach acid

Which route is NOT commonly used for drug administration?

Intramuscular route

What is a characteristic of extended-release formulations?

Prolonged drug release over time

Which route bypasses the first-pass metabolism by the liver?

Intravenous route

How do buccal preparations facilitate drug absorption?

Through direct absorption into the bloodstream

What is a key feature of sublingual drug administration?

Bypassing first-pass metabolism by liver

Why are enteric-coated preparations used for certain drugs?

To prevent degradation in stomach acid

In what scenario would an extended-release preparation be preferred over an immediate-release formulation?

For sustained therapeutic effect and less frequent dosing

Test your knowledge on the different routes of drug administration, including sublingual, buccal, and parenteral. Learn about the advantages of each route and how they affect drug absorption and metabolism.

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