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What is a key role of the nurse as a communicator?

Establishing rapport and therapeutic relationships

Which role of the nurse involves coordinating and planning care, as well as being a liaison in the healthcare team?


What is the main focus of the nurse's role as a teacher?

Promoting health and preventing illness

Which learning domain involves acquiring new physical skills?

Psychomotor learning

According to developmental considerations, what is an essential aspect of how children learn?

Through peers

What should a nurse assess for in older adults, according to the text?

Perceptual impairments

When utilizing the nursing process, what is a key component of the Assessment phase?

Assessing the patient's readiness to learn

What is a common barrier to learning mentioned in the text?

Health issues

What is a characteristic of leaders, as described in the text?

Inspires trust and innovates

In delegation, what is emphasized regarding the accountability of the nurse delegating a task?

The nurse retains accountability for the delegated task

Test your knowledge on the various roles of a nurse including coordinator, communicator, teacher, counselor, manager, leader, team player, motivator, delegator, critical thinker, innovator, researcher, and advocate. Learn about coordinating care, communication skills, patient education, and more.

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