Robinson Crusoe Review Sheet for Chapters 1-2 Vocabulary

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What is the main focus of the vocabulary word 'felicity' in Chapter 1-2 of Robinson Crusoe?


Which character in the text might be described as a 'boatswain'?

A Sailor

What is implied by the term 'repentance' in the text?


In the context of the text, what is a 'vow' typically associated with?


Which location on a ship is referred to as the 'stern'?


'Providence' in the text can be understood to mean what?

'Fortune' or fate

Why does Crusoe's father advise him to pursue the 'middle station' in life?

To avoid the hardships of poverty and the temptations of wealth

What is one reason given in the text for Crusoe's brother's fate?

He gave in to the temptation of wealth and luxury

How does Crusoe's mother feel about his desire to set sail?

She strongly opposes it due to fear and worry

Which best describes Crusoe's motivation for wanting to travel?

Curiosity to explore the unknown

What occupation was Crusoe contemplating pursuing before deciding to set sail?


Where does Crusoe board a ship from, where does he go, and what day is it?

Boarded from Hull, went to London, on a Wednesday

This review sheet covers vocabulary words from chapters 1-2 of the book 'Robinson Crusoe', including terms like abate, misery, averse, and more. Test your understanding of the key terms used in the early chapters.

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