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What is the relationship between the rms value and peak value of a half-wave rectified voltage?


In a half-wave rectifier, what must the PIV (Peak Inverse Voltage) be in relation to the peak value of the input voltage?

Greater than

What does the ripple factor measure in a rectifier output?

Ripple voltages

In a full-wave rectifier, during how many degrees of the input cycle does unidirectional current flow through the load?


What is the frequency relationship between the output signal and input signal in a full-wave rectifier?


Why is a full-wave rectifier considered better than a half-wave rectifier in terms of ripple?

Lower ripple factor

What is the ripple voltage value for a half-wave rectifier developing a 20 V dc output?

24.2 V

For a full-wave rectifier with an 8 V dc output, what is the rms ripple voltage?

3.84 V

Which type of power supply filter provides a steadier output voltage by reducing ripple?

Capacitor Filter

How does a capacitor filter operate in a rectified signal circuit?

Charging when the diode is reverse biased

What must be the PIV rating of a diode in a center-tapped full-wave rectifier?

At least twice the peak value of the input voltage

How does the Bridge Full-Wave Rectifier differ from the Center-Tapped one?

Uses two diodes only

What is the main function of a rectifier circuit?

Converts ac voltage into dc voltage

Which type of diodes are commonly used as rectifier diodes?

Silicon diodes

What is the purpose of a clamper circuit in a rectifier system?

To add a dc level to an ac voltage

In a half-wave rectifier circuit, when is the output signal present?

Only during half of the input cycle

What does VDC represent in rectifier circuits?

Average or dc value

What is the main advantage of a center-tapped full-wave rectifier over a half-wave rectifier?

Higher efficiency

Study Notes

Rectifiers and Filters

  • A rectifier is an electronic circuit that converts AC voltage into a pulsating DC.
  • Rectifiers convert a signal having zero average value into one that has a nonzero average value.
  • Diodes used for rectification are called rectifier diodes, and most are made of silicon.

Half-Wave Rectifier

  • The half-wave rectifier is the simplest rectifier circuit, using only one diode.
  • The output signal is present only during half the cycle.
  • The frequency of the output signal is the same as the input.
  • The average value of a half-wave rectified voltage is the value that a DC voltmeter measures.
  • The rms value of a half-wave rectified voltage is one-half of the peak value.
  • The PIV (Peak Inverse Voltage) for a half-wave rectifier must be equal to or greater than the peak value of the input voltage.

Ripple Factor

  • The ripple factor is defined as the ratio of the ripple voltage to the DC voltage.
  • The ripple factor is given by the formula: r = Vr (rms) / VDC.
  • For a half-wave rectifier, Vr (rms) = 0.308Vp and r = 1.21.
  • For a full-wave rectifier, Vr (rms) = 0.385Vp and r = 0.48.

Full-Wave Rectifier

  • The full-wave rectifier allows unidirectional current through the load during the entire 360° of the input cycle.
  • The frequency of the output signal is twice that of the input.
  • The average voltage of a full-wave signal is twice that of a half-wave.
  • The rms voltage of a full-wave signal is greater than that of a half-wave.

Power Supply Filter

  • A power supply filter is used to reduce the ripple voltage present in rectified signals.
  • The most commonly used filters are capacitors.
  • A capacitor filter is the simplest and most economical filter, which reduces the ripple by providing a steadier output voltage.

Bridge Full-Wave Rectifier

  • The bridge full-wave rectifier uses four diodes and does not require a center-tapped transformer.
  • It uses the transformer and the diodes more efficiently than the center-tapped.
  • The PIV rating is less than that of the center-tapped.

Test your knowledge on ripple voltage in power supplies with examples of half wave and full-wave rectifiers. Learn to calculate rms ripple voltage and understand the significance of power supply filters in reducing ripple voltage.

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