Studying Waves with Ripple Tank

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Which term describes the high points of a wave?


In a ripple tank experiment, which phenomenon can be observed when waves change direction as they pass from one medium to another?


Which type of wave causes the particles of the medium to vibrate perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation?


What term is used to describe the regions in a longitudinal wave where particles are crowded together?


When waves bounce off a surface and return in the same medium, what phenomenon is observed?


What are the two different sections known as in longitudinal waves?

Compressions and rarefactions

Which type of waves are sound waves?

Longitudinal waves

What does a ripple tank produce that can be reflected, refracted, and diffracted?

Water waves

If a plain barrier is placed in the path of water waves in a ripple tank, what happens to the waves?

They get reflected

What are the oscillations (vibrations) like in longitudinal waves?

Backwards and forwards

How can the properties of waves be studied effectively?

Using a ripple tank

What happens to waves when a block is submerged in a ripple tank?

They are refracted

In a ripple tank, what occurs when there is a gap in the barrier that is smaller than the wavelength of the waves?

The waves are reflected

What happens to wavefronts when the gap in the barrier of a ripple tank is similar in width to the wavelength of the wave?

They are diffracted

If a gap in the barrier of a ripple tank is larger than the wavelength of the waves, what happens to the waves?

They pass through unchanged

What property of waves allows us to study them using a ripple tank?

Wave speed

In a ripple tank, what effect does submerging a block have on longitudinal waves?

Creates compressions and rarefactions

Learn about studying the properties of waves using a ripple tank, including the effects of blocks and gaps on wave behavior. Discover how waves are refracted and reflected in a ripple tank environment.

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