Consequences of Human Decisions

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What is the primary focus of Mill's utilitarian theory of morality?

The consequences of an action

In Benthamite doctrine, what is considered as the measure of right and wrong?

The greatest happiness of the greatest number

How does Mill's utilitarian theory differ from deontological theories of morality like Kant's?

Focuses on the consequences of an action

What does Mill emphasize in his distinction between qualities and quantities of pleasures and pains?

Qualities of pleasures and pains

How does utilitarianism judge actions compared to virtue ethics?

Based on consequences they produce

What is considered as the goal of morality according to Mill's utilitarian theory?

Happiness - predominance of pleasure over pain

Which of the following is NOT true about decisions?

Decisions only affect the decision-maker and no one else.

Which of the following is a criterion often used to judge the morality of a decision?

The decision's consistency with the decision-maker's motives and foreseeable consequences.

Which of the following statements is true about the consequences of decisions?

Consequences can vary in kind and severity depending on those affected.

Which of the following motives is NOT considered malicious when making decisions?


What is the main challenge in judging the morality of a decision?

Accounting for the complexity of real-life situations where motives and consequences are not always clear.

Which of the following statements best describes the nature of decisions?

Decisions are actions that bring something new into the world and affect others.

Explore the ripple effects of human decisions and how they shape relationships and bring forth new ideas, objects, and relationships into play. Understand the intricate nature of decision-making and its impact on the world.

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