Relative Caregiver Program Intake Process

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What is the timeline for scheduling the initial face to face visit with the family after receiving the referral?

Within 10 business days

If there are exceptions to the timeline for scheduling the face to face visit, what action should be taken?

Document and approve by the RCP supervisor

How does RCP inform the referent of family eligibility after the initial contact?

Via email or telephone call within fifteen (15) business days

When should RCP document contact with the family into TFACTS?

Within 15 business days following the face to face contact

What does RCP ensure about the availability of services for the family?

Services are available at times convenient to the family

What steps should be taken if RCP staff believes it is not in the best interest of the child(ren) to remain in the relative home at any point in the case?

Contact the Child Abuse Hotline and notify RCP supervisor

Who may refer families to the Relative Caregiver Program?

DCS, DHS, juvenile or family courts, hospitals, community services, schools, churches, private agencies, and other community members

What is required for any exceptions to the timeline for scheduling face to face visits?

Documentation and approval by RCP supervisor

Who is required to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services or local law enforcement?

Any person with reasonable cause to believe a child is being abused or neglected

What is required prior to making the final determination of eligibility into the Relative Caregiver Program?

In-home assessment and completion of listed documents

What is necessary for an eligible caregiver to receive the stipend?

Completion of the W-9 form and a direct deposit form

Who collaboratively completes a Family Needs Scale and develops a Relative Caregiver Program Service Plan based on identified needs?

The RCP staff person and the family collaboratively

What does well-documented progress towards the service plan entail?

Documented progress maintained in the case record

Which of the following forms is required for stipend recipients only?

Direct Deposit form

What must be signed by an eligible caregiver in order to receive the stipend?

Relative Caregiver Program Agreement

Who is responsible for helping the family achieve the goals outlined in the service plan?

Both RCP staff and family collaboratively

(Form CS–0620) relates to which aspect of the Relative Caregiver Program?

Relative Caregiver Program Service Plan development

Learn about the intake process for the Relative Caregiver Program, including referral sources, contact initiation, and face to face visit scheduling.

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