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What is the purpose of Home Health Care?

To promote, maintain, or restore health

Which of the following is NOT a service offered by Home Health Care?

Dental care

What is included in the Nutrition services provided by Home Health Care?

Administration of tube feedings

Which service involves monitoring blood pressure and cardiopulmonary status?

Respiratory care

What is a part of the Rehabilitation services provided by Home Health Care?

Ambulation and gait training

Which service involves instructing clients and family members on drug information?

Medication administration

What type of services does an Extended Care Facility provide?

Intermediate medical, nursing, or custodial care

Which therapy involves the measurement and evaluation of language abilities and clinical treatment of speech disorders?

Speech therapy

What is one of the functions of an Occupational Therapist?

Design and fabrication of orthoses

What distinguishes a Skilled Nursing Facility from an Intermediate Nursing Care Facility?

Availability of 24-hour nursing care

What type of clients benefit from Continuing Care services?

Individuals who have lost or never acquired functional capacity

What type of therapy provides range of motion exercises and consultation for adapting the physical environment?

Occupational therapy

What type of care provides short-term relief for persons providing home care to the ill or disabled?

Respite care

Which facility is designed to allow clients to live at home with comfort, independence, and dignity during terminal illness?

Hospice care

What type of facility offers health and social services to specific client populations living alone or with family in the community?

Residential long-term care facilities

Which level of healthcare facility in the Philippines includes smaller, non-departmentalized hospitals and regional hospitals?

Secondary level

Which type of housing provides meals, personal care, and support in a partially protected setting for clients who are relatively independent?

Supportive housing

What service is designed to alleviate the strains caused by terminal illness for clients to remain at home with comfort and independence?

Hospice care

What is the process of restoring ill or injured people to optimum and functional levels of wellness called?


Which type of prevention involves helping people take measures to prevent illnesses from occurring?

Secondary Prevention

What characteristic of good service delivery ensures that all people in a defined target population receive coverage?


What is the major agency that offers services related to diagnosis and treatment in the healthcare system?


Which practice helps identify risk factors for illness in the healthcare system?

Diagnosis and Treatment

What service characteristic ensures that services are organized around the individual in the healthcare system?


What is a defining characteristic of Tertiary Level healthcare facilities?

Require advanced treatment

Who are the first contacts of the community and initial links of healthcare according to the text?

Community health worker, volunteers or traditional birth attendants

What is the purpose of a two-way referral system in healthcare?

To ensure smooth patient transfers between different healthcare levels

What is an essential quality of a healthcare worker according to the text?

Cognizance and cooperative ability

Which type of healthcare worker represents the first source of professional health care?

Medical practitioners, nurses, and midwives

What type of health services do First Line Hospital Personnel provide?

Back up health services for cases requiring hospitalization

Test your knowledge on therapeutic exercises, gait training, use of ambulatory aids, orthoses fabrication, adaptive equipment selection, and more in the field of rehabilitation therapy.

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