Therapeutic Exercises: Foundations and Techniques 1

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Which of the following best describes the definition of therapeutic exercise?

Planned performance of bodily movements intended to provide a patient/client with means to prevent impairments and enhance physical function.

What is the main characteristic of a patient?

Individual with impairments and functional limitations

What does balance refer to in the context of physical function?

Ability to align body segments against gravity and maintain equilibrium without falling.

What is the primary goal of therapeutic exercise?

To prevent impairments and improve physical function.

What does cardiopulmonary fitness primarily focus on?

Enhancing cardiovascular and respiratory endurance

Learn the essentials of therapeutic exercises, including the definition, components of physical function, types of interventions, exercise safety, disablement process, and the ICF model. Taught by Dr. Nazia Zeya(PT) DIPMR DUHS.

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