Regional Metamorphic Rock Examples Quiz

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What type of rock is formed when magma solidifies and creates a Crystalline Rock?

Igneous Rock

What is the classification of stone that consists of pieces cut to a specific size?

Dimension Stone

Which rock is derived from the word 'Ignis,' meaning fire?

Igneous Rock

What is a light-colored igneous rock with visible grains called?


What is the act of extracting rocks, sand, gravel, or minerals from a quarry or open-pit mine called?


Which type of rock is commonly used in construction for building facades, walls, and flooring?


'Boasted surface' in stone finishing involves chiseling roughly parallel grooves across the face, also known as:

Droved Finish

What is the process that involves arranging rectangular tiles to form a focal point with adjoining vertical rows of slanting lines?


What type of stone features hand-cut ornamental designs in brick or stone masonry?


Test your knowledge on regional metamorphic rocks like Verd antique, gneiss, and slate. Learn about the formation of Crystalline Rock, Dimension Stone classification, and the origin of Igneous Rock. Identify examples of CutStone in the quiz.

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