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Which organ is primarily responsible for the de novo synthesis of purine bases?


What is the main source of purines and pyrimidines in the diet?

Nucleic acids

Which type of bond is formed between nucleotides to create nucleic acids?

Glycosidic bond

How are purines and pyrimidines obtained by the body if not synthesized de novo?

Through the diet

Which organ metabolizes most of the ingested nucleic acids from the diet?


Purine metabolism Lecture Outline De Novo Synthesis of ______ Nucleotides


Nucleotides Ester ______ Anhydride bond Glycosidic bond


Purines and pyrimidine metabolism Purines and pyrimidines are required for synthesizing ______ and nucleic acids


Purine Bases are produced de novo by pathways that use amino acids as precursors and produce ______


The brain also synthesizes a ______


Test your knowledge of lipid and nucleotide metabolism, specifically purine metabolism. This quiz covers topics such as de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides, phosphorylation of AMP and GMP, and regulation of purine synthesis. It also includes questions on nucleotides, ester bond, anhydride bond, and glycosidic bond. Challenge yourself and see how well you understand purines and pyrimidines in metabolism.

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