Psychology: Prejudice and Stereotypes Quiz

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According to psychologist Gordon Allport, why do prejudice and stereotypes emerge?

What is the basis for normal pre-judgment, according to Gordon Allport?

What does the term 'stereotypes' refer to?

How does Gordon Allport define prejudice?

According to Franzoi (1986), how may stereotypes lead to negative action or discrimination?

What does discrimination refer to, as per the text?

What is the key difference between prejudice and discrimination?

What does the term 'prejudice' mean?

Which of the following describes discrimination?

What is the difference between prejudice and discrimination in terms of existence?

What are some examples of prejudice mentioned in the text?

What does it mean to be prejudiced?

What is the act of discrimination?

What does 'prejudice' include?


Test your knowledge of prejudice and stereotypes with this quiz based on psychologist Gordon Allport's insights on human thinking and categorization. Explore the formation of mental categories and their impact on pre-judgment.

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