Psychological Perspectives of the Self

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According to the humanistic perspective, what does the self mainly concern itself with?

Satisfying basic biological needs

In Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which need should be satisfied first according to some psychologists?

Basic biological/physical/physiological needs

According to William James, how can life be altered?

By altering the state of the mind

What does the humanistic perspective emphasize as a person's capacity?

Choosing one's own destiny

What is the term used to describe the acceptance and positive valuation directed at another person regardless of their behavior, according to Carl Rogers?

Unconditional positive regard

According to Carl Rogers, which term refers to an individual's view of themselves as they wish to be?

Ideal self

What does Carl Rogers describe as the 'I' or 'Me' of our existence?


In the context of Carl Rogers' theory, which term refers to being open with our feelings and dropping pretenses and facades?


What happens when an individual's self-concept and ideal self do not match?

The self will be maladjusted and experience incongruence

What does Carl Rogers define as the whole consisting of one’s self-perceptions and the values attached to these perceptions?


Explore the various psychological perspectives and theories regarding the concept of the self. Understand how different experiences and the study of behavior and mental processes contribute to our understanding of the self.

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