Psychology Chapter 4: The Self

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What does the Greek word 'psyche' mean?

Soul or mind

What is the main focus of psychology as a scientific discipline?

Study of human behavior and mental processes

Who is the American philosopher and psychologist who defined the self as 'the sum total of all that he can call his'?

William James

What is the term for the self that knows who he or she is?


According to William James, what are the three constituents of the Me-self?

Material self, social self, and spiritual self

How many psychological perspectives are mentioned in the text?


What is the age range typically associated with emerging adulthood?


According to Carl Rogers, what is the ultimate goal of human beings?


What is the term for the aspects of the self that are perceived by the individual?


According to Albert Bandura's social cognitive theory, human behavior can be learned through:

Both personal experiences and the experiences of others

What is the term for the belief in one's ability to successfully complete a task?


What is the characteristic of an agentic and proactive self?

Acknowledging one's capacity to shape one's life

What does James suggest is an inherent part of human nature?

The need to be regarded favorably by other people

What is the focus of the Spiritual Self?

A person's purpose, motives, emotions, values, conscience, and moral behavior

According to Harter, how do children in early childhood describe themselves?

In terms of concrete and observable characteristics

What is a characteristic of the self in adolescence, according to Harter?

The ability to construct higher-order abstractions and the capacity for introspection

What is the focus of the self in emerging adulthood, according to Harter?

The development of a vision of a 'possible self'

How many constituents of the Me-self are mentioned in the text?


This quiz covers the psychological perspective of the self, including the development of the sense of self and the study of human behavior and mental processes.

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