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What is the branch of psychology that deals with understanding human behavior as the result of the mind?


Who is the original proponent of psychoanalytic theories and concepts?

Sigmund Freud

What does the word 'psychodynamic' mean?

Study of mental forces

Which psychoanalytic approach refers specifically to Sigmund Freud’s original theories and concepts?

Freudian psychoanalysis

What does the psychoanalytic model of the mind attempt to organize our understanding of?

Mental phenomena

Which psychological approach laid the foundation for many subsequent psychological theories and therapeutic practices?


What is the primary focus of psychodynamic therapy?

Unconscious, dreams, and instincts

Why is the term 'psychodynamic' preferred over 'psychoanalytic' today?

It includes all theories pre- and post-Freud.

What is the purpose of any scientific model, including the psychoanalytic model of the mind?

To organize and explain a complex system.

What does the psychoanalytic model of the mind attempt to describe?

How the human mind develops over time.

What function does the psychoanalytic model of the mind serve?

To represent a coherent psychological system.

What does the contemporary psychoanalytic model of the mind primarily borrow from Sigmund Freud's first models?

The Topographic Model

In what book did Sigmund Freud introduce his first fully developed model of the mind?

'The interpretation of Dreams'

What has been the trend in the development of the psychoanalytic model of the mind since Freud's first efforts?

It has become more complex in response to new data.

What is the main difference between 'psychodynamic' and 'psychoanalytic' when used to designate theories?

'Psychoanalytic' is based on pre-Freud theories, while 'psychodynamic' includes post-Freud theories.

In what way does the psychoanalytic model of the mind attempt to represent the human mind?

It attempts to represent a simplified version of how human minds operate

Test your knowledge of the principles of psychodynamic psychology with this overview quiz covering the origins of the psychoanalytic model, core dimensions of the model, the world of dreams, the Oedipus complex, the structural model of the mind, and more.

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