Properties of Water: Polar Molecules, Hydrogen Bonding, and Capillary Action

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What is the primary mechanism by which water is released from the atmosphere?


Which type of solution contains water as the solvent?

Aqueous Solution

What is the substance that a solvent is capable of dissolving?


Which materials are electropositive elements with shiny surfaces?

Metallic materials

What is the role of herbicides?

Kill unwanted plants like weeds

What is the appearance of water categorized under?


What is the main cause of capillary action in water?

Hydrogen bonding

Which property of water allows it to absorb a large amount of heat before changing temperature?

Hydrogen bonding

What type of water is safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing dishes?

Potable water

Which term describes the sticking together of two unlike molecules?


What type of bond is responsible for the weak attraction between the positive and negative regions of a polar molecule?

Hydrogen bond

What is the measure of the force required to stretch or break the surface of a liquid called?

Surface tension

Explore the unique properties of water, including polar molecules with positive and negative regions, hydrogen bonding, capillary action, cohesion, adhesion, surface tension, and high specific heat. Learn how these properties contribute to water's behavior in various environments.

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