Primary vs Secondary Sources in Historical Research

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What type of study involves the collection and analysis of data about cultural groups or minorities?

Ethnographic study

Which type of research examines human lived experiences through descriptions provided by subjects or informants?

Phenomenological study

In a historical study, what are examples of primary sources?

Relics and artifacts

Which type of study involves the researcher becoming part of the culture being studied?

Ethnographic study

What does internal criticism focus on in research?

Examining the credibility of sources

Which type of source is classified as a secondary source in historical research?

Printed materials in libraries

What type of information do oral histories, diaries, and eye witness accounts represent?

Primary sources

How is the validity of materials in historical studies assessed through internal criticism?

By examining the consistency of information

What is the main focus of external criticism in historical research?

Evaluating the physical appearance and layout

In historical research, what method involves comparing collected data units until categories and hypotheses emerge?

Grounded theory study

What is a characteristic of a case study in historical research?

In-depth examination over time

Which method relies mainly on life accounts of individuals based on personal experiences?

Grounded theory study

What type of narrative analysis involves analyzing the story in terms of internal thoughts and motivations?


In which type of qualitative research is the approach focused on analyzing established facts and the ability of research and science to discover truth?

Critical qualitative research

Which type of research focuses on identifying how individuals give meaning to a situation or phenomenon?

Post-modern research

What are some strengths of qualitative research?

Ability to explore complex phenomena

Which type of analysis involves studying language use in texts and contexts?

Discourse analysis

What does basic interpretative qualitative research aim to produce?

Primary sources

Learn about the difference between primary and secondary sources in historical research. Understand how to assess the validity of materials used in a study through internal and external criticism.

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