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What type of sources are materials written or published by a firsthand eyewitness or participant?

Primary sources

Which type of sources analyze and interpret primary sources?

Secondary sources

What is the practice of verifying evidence's authenticity by examining its physical characteristics known as?

External criticism

Which type of criticism aims to develop historians' perspectives and understanding of the past?

Historical criticism

What type of document characteristic does external criticism aim to test?

All of the above

Which type of sources include materials that were made by a firsthand eyewitness or participant?


What aspects are involved in determining the ability of a witness to tell the truth according to the text?

Nearness to the event, competence, and degree of attention

What does corroboration refer to in the context of historical analysis as per the text?

Supporting or confirming a theory or finding

What does content refer to in the study of history?

The subjects or topics covered in a book or document

What does context mean in relation to historical sources?

The parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific passage

Which factor determines if an author consciously or unconsciously tells falsehoods according to the text?

Willingness to Tell the Truth

What is a key requirement for a knowledge claim to be considered true by positivist historians?

Empirical and observable evidence

In Postcolonial history, what is one of the main focuses when writing history?

Highlighting national identity free from colonial influence

What was a core concern of the Annales School of History?

Social history

What are classified as historical sources?

A combination of different sources including Oral History, artifacts, and more

Which type of source is a manuscript in the classification of historical sources?

Primary source

What characterizes the approach of Positivist historians in conducting historical research?

Objective and impartial conduct

Test your knowledge on primary and secondary sources, including their characteristics, examples, and categories. Learn about the differences between materials produced by contemporary witnesses and those with indirect involvement.

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