Premature Infants and General Anesthesia

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The primary variables controlling pulmonary ventilation in neonates are PaO2, PaCO2, and ______

Neonates have reduced PaO2 compensated by greater ______ due to increased hemoglobin concentrations

Neonatal hemoglobin content is composed of 50% fetal hemoglobin, which has a left-shifted oxygen–dissociation curve compared to ______ hemoglobin

Neonatal response to hypercapnia is not potentiated by ______, and hypoxia may depress the hypercapnic ventilatory response

Preterm infants with ______ (hematocrit < 30%) are more prone to apnea

What is the main risk factor for life-threatening apnea during general anesthesia in infants?

What is the relationship between gestational age and the risk of postanesthetic respiratory depression in infants?

Up to how many weeks after conception may infants be at risk of apnea?

What is the composition of neonatal hemoglobin content at birth?

What happens to the oxygen–dissociation curve during the first week of life in neonates?

What are the primary variables controlling pulmonary ventilation in neonates?

What is the effect of high concentrations of oxygen on neonatal respiration?

What is neonatal apnea?

What is the cause of central apnea in neonates?

What is the most common morbidity associated with anesthesia in neonates?

What is the incidence of postoperative apnea related to in neonates?

What are common causes of postoperative apnea in neonates?


Test your knowledge about the risks of general anesthesia in premature infants with this informative quiz. Learn about the inverse relationship between gestational age and postanesthetic respiratory depression, and how neonates compensate for reduced PaO

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