Postharvest Handling of Perishable and Durable Crops

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What is the ideal moisture content that needs to be maintained for perishable crops postharvest?


Which of the following is NOT a technology involved in postharvest handling of perishable crops?


Which of the following factors is NOT typically considered when discussing the fresh produce agribusiness system for perishable crops?

Geographical factors

What is a common postharvest handling activity for perishable crops to control ripening?


Which of the following activities is specifically mentioned in the text as being involved in postharvest handling of perishable crops?


Why is interisland transport crucial for agricultural marketing in the Philippines as stated in the text?

Due to numerous islands making transportation challenging

What does postharvest physiology study?

The biological processes that occur in harvested crops

Which term specifically covers the changes of crop parts after harvest?


What is the purpose of primary processing of crops?

To make crops more suitable for manufacturers, processors, or consumers

Which activity falls under secondary processing of harvested crops?

Freezing and drying

What are examples of industrial processing mentioned in the text?

Manufacture of chocolate powder and candies

In primary processing, what is the last step before distribution takes place?


What are some reasons for the need for postharvest handling of perishable crops?

Increasing urbanization and industrialization

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a viable postharvest technology?

Technically feasible for all crops

Why should a postharvest technology be economically viable?

To ensure benefits exceed costs of postharvest improvement

What are some challenges addressed by postharvest handling?

Huge losses

Which factor contributes to the growing concerns about food safety necessitating postharvest handling?

Heightened health consciousness

Why is it important for a postharvest technology to be socially acceptable?

To suit the intended user's situation (socio-economic, cultural, legal/political)

This quiz covers the parameters and technologies involved in postharvest handling of durable and perishable crops. Learn about the differences in handling major crops, moisture content requirements, and the technologies used after harvest for each type of crop.

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