Possible Gaps in Pharmaceutical Administration

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What is one of the gaps covered by the magistral formula?

Organoleptic acceptance issues

When should the magistral formula be used according to the text?

If no other drugs are available on the market

What is an example of a magistral formulation for small animals provided in the text?

Cyclosporine A 2% eye drops

What aspect of treatment does the magistral formula address?

Customizing dosage and administration based on needs

What is a reason for using the magistral formula instead of commercial products, as mentioned in the text?

For situations when no equivalent drugs are available commercially

Which of the following is NOT a gap covered by the magistral formula according to the text?

Correct pharmacological dosage forms being available in the market

What is the primary function of petrolatum hydrophilic USP in ointments?

Relieve itching

What is the danger associated with diluting the protoplasmic poison above 2%?

It becomes dangerous and toxic

Which compound is NOT found in the Petrolatum hydrophilic USP anhydrous base?


What is the main purpose of FORMULA Nº9?

To relieve inflammation due to rubbing of the saddle

What is the key function of Winter hoof grease in equines?

Protect hooves from harsh weather conditions

How should the emulsion for FORMULA Nº23 be prepared to maintain its stability?

Add the solution slowly while stirring gently

What is a veterinary magistral formula?

A formula prepared by a pharmacist for an individual animal under the care of a veterinarian.

Which entity is responsible for preparing and guaranteeing officinal preparations or formulations?

The pharmacist

What is the purpose of a veterinary magistral formula?

To provide individualized treatment to specific animals under a veterinarian's care.

According to the Royal Decree 109/1995, what is an officinal preparation or formulation?

A prescription medication prepared by a pharmacist.

Who requires prescripion for the dispensation of an officinal preparation or formulation?


What differentiates a veterinary magistral formula from an officinal preparation?

The prescription requirement

What is a veterinary officinal prepara on?

A medicinal product prepared and guaranteed by a pharmacist for veterinary use

How are magistral formula and officinal prepara on different?

Magistral formulas are legally recognized as veterinary medicines, officinal preparations are not

What is the most common way to prescribe a magistral formula?

Rpe (récipe = take) D/ (dispense)

What do magistral formulas cover according to the text?

Most diseases and can be produced in all currently available dosage forms

When might a magistral formula be preferred over a commercially available medicine?

When the ideal treatment requires a personalized medicine

What does 'cs.p' stand for in the context of a magistral formula?

'Cum sumatur pro' (total amount of the formula)

What is the main reason for justifying the use of magistral formulas in veterinary medicine?

When commercial products don't meet the needs in treating specific pathological conditions

Who is responsible for the application and scope of the procedure for producing saturated boric alcohol?

All personnel involved in processing saturated boric alcohol

What is the contraindication for using boric alcohol at saturation?

In cases of tympanic perforation

In which medical condition would boric alcohol at saturation be used?

Ear infections

Why is collaboration between veterinarians and pharmacists essential in using magistral formulas?

To ensure the welfare of animals

What makes the use of magistral formulas justified in veterinary medicine?

When commercial products do not meet the needs for specific animal treatments

Study Notes

  • Veterinary magistral formulas are prescribed by a veterinarian and prepared by a pharmacist for individual animals or small groups under direct care.
  • Magistral formulas and officinal preparations for animals are legally recognized as veterinary medicines, containing drugs and excipients in pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  • Magistral formulas are extemporaneous dosage forms covering various diseases and can be produced in all available forms, providing a suitable treatment option when commercial medicines are not ideal.
  • Reasons for using magistral formulas include unavailability of needed drugs, inappropriate dosage forms, adverse reactions, and supply problems.
  • Magistral formulas must only be used if equivalent veterinary or human medicines are not on the market, and can only be dispensed in pharmacies.
  • Examples of magistral formulations include Cyclosporine A eye drops for dry keratoconjunctivitis in small animals and methanol-based formula for supraspinatus bursitis in horses.
  • The collaboration between veterinarians and pharmacists is crucial in the preparation of magistral formulas to ensure optimal treatment for animals.

Explore the various gaps covered by the magistral formula, such as incorrect drug usage, dosage issues, adverse reactions and supply problems. Understand the causes behind non-marketed drugs, unnecessary associations, and inappropriate administration routes.

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