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What is the main function of roots in exhibiting negative phototropism?

To anchor the plant in the soil

What is the primary function of cellular respiration in both plants and animals?

To produce energy (in the form of ATP) by breaking down glucose and other organic molecules

Which process leads to the movement of water into guard cells during stomatal opening?

Active transport of potassium ions (K+)

What is responsible for transporting water and dissolved minerals in plants?

Vascular tissue

Where are apical meristems predominantly found in plants?

In root tips and shoot tips

What does the color change in leaves of celery indicate?

Absorption of colored substances by the xylem

What is the main function of parenchyma cells in plants?

Store nutrients and perform photosynthesis

Where is lateral meristem, specifically the vascular cambium, found in plants?

At the sides of stems and roots

What is the main respiratory organ in insects?


What happens during the cleavage stage of embryonic development?

Rapid cell division without an increase in size

Which germ layer gives rise to the nervous system, skin, and hair during embryonic development?


What represents the correct sequence of early embryonic development stages?

Fertilization, Cleavage, Blastulation, Gastrulation

What is responsible for the passive movement of gases between an organism's body and its environment?


What role does the larynx play in the respiratory system?

Produces sound and protects the airway

What is the function of sclerenchyma cells in plants?

Provide structural support with rigid cell walls

What is the main function of tracheal tubes in insects' respiratory system?

Deliver oxygen directly to cells

Test your knowledge about plant root phototropism, hydrotropism, and the production of oxygen through photosynthesis. Explore how plants efficiently absorb water and nutrients, and obtain oxygen for respiration.

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