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What does the Bayley-III test measure in infants and toddlers?

Mental and motor development

Which of the following is NOT one of the developmental areas assessed by the Bayley-III test?


What does the HOME Observation for Measurement of the Environment (HOME) measure?

Influence of home environment on cognitive growth

Which of the following is NOT considered an aspect of the home environment according to the text?

Child's school performance

What is early intervention in the context of child development?

Systematic process of providing services to help families meet children's needs

Which project aims to provide early intervention services for young children's developmental needs?

Abcedarian (ABC) Project

What is the Piagetian term for organized patterns of thought and behavior used in particular situations?


At what age do infants show object knowledge through their looking behavior according to recent findings?

3.5 months

What development occurs around 19 months where children begin to understand that pictures stand for something else?

Symbolic development

Which approach focuses on how behavior changes in response to experience?

Behaviorist approach

Which stage is characterized by infants learning through senses and motor activities in Piaget's theory of cognitive development?

Sensorimotor stage

At what age do infants start to recognize perceptual categories according to recent findings?

3 months

What does the psychometric approach seek to measure?

Intelligence quantitatively

Which approach analyzes processes involved in perceiving and handling information?

Information-processing approach

In Piaget's theory, what term is used to describe the understanding of specific causal events in the physical world?


In the behaviorist approach, what type of memories are early procedural knowledge and perceptual knowledge not the same as?

Explicit, language-based memories used by adults

What does intelligence enable people to do according to the psychometric approach?

Understand concepts and relationships

Which approach focuses on environmental influences, particularly parents and caregivers?

Social-contextual approach

What type of learning in infants involves a reduction, slowing, or stopping of response to a stimulus?


During Piaget's sensorimotor stage, infants learn about the world through which of the following?

Senses and motor activities

What is the term used to describe the tendency of infants to spend more time looking at one sight than another?

Visual preference

In information-processing research with infants, what happens when there is an increase in responsiveness after being habituated to a stimulus?


What type of speech is often used when talking to babies or toddlers?

Child-directed speech with exaggerated vowel sounds

How does parents’ imitation of babies’ sounds affect infant vocalization?

It increases the amount of infant vocalization

Why do many researchers believe that Child-directed speech (CDS) helps infants learn their native language?

Because it captures and engages infants’ attention

What is one feature of Child-directed speech (CDS) that aids in infants picking up language faster?

Exaggerated vowel sounds and short words

How does the amount of words children hear relate to their language learning?

The more words they hear, the more readily they learn them

Test your knowledge on the Piagetian Approach and the Sensorimotor stage, which is the first stage in cognitive development according to Jean Piaget. Explore the key characteristics and interventions for effective early childhood education.

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