Physical Carcinogens and Radiations Quiz

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Which type of radiations can cause double-strand DNA breaks and chromosomal aberrations?

Ionizing radiations

What specific cancers show a significant increase in incidence among individuals exposed to ionizing radiations?

Thyroid, lung, breast cancers

Which condition involves a defect in the nucleotide excision repair system, leading to an increased predisposition to skin cancer?

Xeroderma pigmentosum

Which virus is considered a causative agent of human cancer?

HTLV-1 virus

What is the process where v-onc is reversed transcribed to DNA in retroviruses?

Reverse transcription

Which suffix is commonly used for malignant neoplasms arising from mesoderm?


What type of tumor is melanoma?

Skin tumor

Which term refers to a malignant proliferation of leukocytes?


In tumor nomenclature, what does the prefix 'Osteo-' indicate?


Which type of tumor carries the eponym 'Burkitt lymphoma'?


Which type of dissemination is described when malignant neoplasms penetrate into a natural 'open field'?

Transcoelomic dissemination

What is the term used to describe liver metastases originating from colorectal cancer that drain via the portal circulation?

Metastasis via lymphatics

Which LN is typically referred to as the 'sentinel lymph node' in the context of cancer?

3rd LN free of tumor

What is the process by which malignant tumors penetrate into adipose tissue and small veins known as?

Metastasis via lymphatics

Which type of tissue changes, though not cancerous, can potentially develop into cancer if non-physiological?


Test your knowledge on physical carcinogens and their impact on DNA with this quiz. Learn about ionizing and non-ionizing radiations, their sources, and associated cancer risks.

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