Physical Activity vs. Exercise

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What is the purpose of Vitamin B complex?

What are potential pulmonary complications in immobile patients?

Which intervention is recommended for the cardiovascular system changes due to immobility?

In the musculoskeletal system, what is a potential effect of immobility on muscles?

What is a potential issue in the genitourinary system due to immobility?

What is a possible gastrointestinal system effect of immobility?

What can result from pressure ulcers in the integumentary system?

What is the primary function of ligaments in the body?

Which type of bedrest allows the patient to go to the restroom with assistance?

What is the risk associated with a greater degree and length of immobilization?

Which body system is affected by immobility-related orthostatic hypotension?

What is the primary function of tendons in the body?

What is the role of the skeletal system in muscle movement and posture?

Which body system is affected by immobility-related urinary stasis and renal calculi?

What are the possible effects of disuse atrophy due to immobility?

What is the primary function of cartilage in the body?

What type of condition can be caused by immobility-related integumentary changes?

What is the main effect of immobility on skeletal system functioning?

What is the primary difference between physical activity and exercise?

How do physical activities and exercise contribute to emotional health?

How does body alignment relate to body balance?

What occurs when a patient fractures or has nerve damage in relation to coordinated body movements?

How does the surface space impact friction?

What characterizes isotonic exercise?

What distinguishes isometric exercise from resistive isometric exercises?

How does regular exercise impact a patient's health in terms of physical aspects?

What aspect does resistive isometric exercises involve?


Test your knowledge on the differences between physical activity and exercise, as well as their benefits for physical health. Understand how regular physical activity and exercise contribute to improving muscle strength, balance, and overall health.

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