Pharmacology Quiz on Cholinesterase Inhibitors and Autonomic Drugs

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Which of the following drugs is an alpha1-selective agonist?


What is the primary use of Pilocarpine?

Causing miosis

What type of beta-blocker is Atenolol?

Selective beta1-blocker

Which adverse effect is commonly associated with Propranolol use?

Sedation, sleep disturbances, depression

Which of the following drugs is an example of a reversible cholinesterase inhibitor?


Where are M2 cholinoreceptors primarily located?


Test your knowledge of pharmacology with this quiz covering reversible cholinesterase inhibitors, parasympathomimetic drugs, alpha1-selective agonists, and propranolol-induced adverse effects. Select the correct options for each question and assess your understanding of these important drug classes.

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