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What is the maximum number of times teriparatide can be used?

Once in a lifetime

What happens if denosumab is stopped suddenly?

Decrease in bone density

What is the favored treatment for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD)?


In which condition should teriparatide not be prescribed?

Increased basal risk for osteosarcoma

What patient factor may make it difficult for individuals to remember to take weekly oral bisphosphonates or daily subcutaneous teriparatide?

Cognitive difficulties

What is the risk associated with a fragility fracture while on osteoporosis treatment?

Drop in bone density

What is the reason for advising Katiana to take the medication on an empty stomach first thing in the morning?

To reduce the risk of esophageal reflux

Why is it suggested that Katiana should undergo an x-ray?

To rule out a fracture

What lifestyle change is recommended for Katiana?

A short walk daily accompanied by her caregiver

What will be possible with the new prognostic and therapeutic strategies being developed?

Precise prediction of fracture risk

What is the potential impact of novel developments on fracture risk assessment?

More precise identification of patients at high risk of fracture

Why should the future use of oral steroids be limited for Katiana?

To decrease the falls risk associated with osteoporosis

What is a key focus of Katiana's COPD regimen review?

Assessing her inhaler technique

Why is Katiana referred for a multifactorial falls risk assessment?

Because she is at risk of falls

What is the projected trend for the number of people living with osteoporosis?

Increase dramatically over the next decade

Test your knowledge on the pharmacological care of osteoporosis patients, including long-term management strategies and important considerations during changes in drug treatment. Explore topics such as timing of teriparatide use, the impact of sudden denosumab cessation, and response to fragility fractures while on treatment.

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