Pharmaceutical Solutions Overview

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What is the definition of a solution as a pharmaceutical dosage form?

A stable homogeneous mixture of two or more components containing one or more solutes dissolved in one or more solvents

Why is water commonly chosen as the solvent in pharmaceutical solutions?

Because it is non-toxic, non-irritant, tasteless, and relatively cheap

What role do excipients play in pharmaceutical solutions?

They are added to enhance the stability of the solution

Which component of a pharmaceutical solution is referred to as the solute?

The dissolved substance

What are some advantages of pharmaceutical solutions?

Rapid and high absorption of soluble medicinal products

Which substance is commonly chosen as the vehicle in which medicaments are dissolved in pharmaceutical solutions?


What is the purpose of a sweetening agent in elixirs?

To mask the unpleasant taste of the elixir

What are the types of water used as a vehicle in pharmaceutical solutions?

Purified water and water for injections

What is the purpose of a solvent ether in pharmaceutical solutions?

To aid in dissolving the therapeutic agent

Which type of pharmaceutical solution is intended for oral use and generally contains a high proportion of sugar or sweetening agent?


What are the advantages of pharmaceutical solutions?

Flexible dosing and easy to be swallowed

What is the purpose of preservatives in pharmaceutical solutions?

To prevent hydrolysis and oxidation of the drug

What is the difference between vehicles and solvents in pharmaceutical solutions?

Solvents aid in dissolving therapeutic agents, whereas vehicles are used as a medium

What type of water is generally used as a vehicle in pharmaceutical solutions?

Purified water

What are the disadvantages of pharmaceutical solutions?

Drug stability is often reduced by hydrolysis or oxidation

What are some examples of external solutions?

Lotions and liniments

Learn about the concept of pharmaceutical solutions, their advantages, disadvantages, and general principles in preparation. Solutions are a stable homogeneous mixture of medicinal products, offering rapid and high absorption.

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