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What is the purpose of drug delivery systems?

Uniform release of the drug in the body

What is the role of excipients in dosage forms?

Control and improve the physical characteristics of the drug

What is the purpose of food supplements?

To supplement the diet with additional nutrients

What is the main purpose of compounding in pharmacy?

To tailor medications to the specific needs of patients

What is the process of levigation in pharmaceutical compounding?

Pulverization to form a paste with a solvent

What is the purpose of glass mortar and pestle in pharmaceutical compounding?

To provide a non-porous surface for mixing

What is the significance of the sieve number in dosage form preparation?

It indicates the fineness of the powder

Which substance is used as a solvent/vehicle in the context of injections?

Propylene glycol

Which component is used as a preservative to maintain sterility in injections?


Which substance is used to adjust and reduce injection pain?

Sodium chloride

Which type of injection is commonly used for protein synthesis?

Amino acid injection

Which substance is used as a systemic alkalinizer in injections?

Sodium lactate

Which injection type is used as a fluid and electrolyte replenisher?

Lactated Ringer's Injection

Which substance is used in injections to maintain tonicity?

Sodium chloride

Which substance is used in injections for renal function?


Which substance is used for irrigation to wash wounds?

Sodium chloride

What are examples of aqeous solutions?

Diluted acids and enemas

What are examples of non-aqeous solutions?


What is a dispersed system consisting of undissolved vehicle and dispersion medium?


What are examples of parenteral routes for administering sterile dosage forms?


What are examples of alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solutions?


Which type of tablets can be prepared through wet or dry granulation?

All of the above

What are the two types of shells that capsules come in?

Soft and hard

What are the types of release provided by modified release formulations?

Sustained release and extended release

What are the two types of suppository bases mentioned in the text?

Oleaginous and water-soluble

What are the different types of transdermal drug delivery systems mentioned in the text?

Monolithic controlled release and Membrane Controlled

What are the components used in aerosol formulations to ensure stability and proper functioning?

Antioxidants, surfactants, and propellant gas

Which of the following is not a type of pharmaceutical powder mentioned?

Effervescent powders

What are the two types of suppository bases mentioned?

Oleaginous and aqueous

What are the two methods of granulation mentioned for preparing tablets?

Wet and dry

What are aerosols pressurized dosage forms containing?

Propellant gas and medication

Study Notes

Pharmaceutical Formulations Summary

  • Different types of powders include bulk powders, dental powders, and dusting powders, each with specific applications and methods of preparation.
  • Granules are used in pharmaceutical compounding and come in wet or dry forms, with specific components and methods of preparation.
  • Tablets can be prepared through wet or dry granulation and come in various forms such as coated, chewable, or effervescent.
  • Capsules come in either soft or hard soluble shells made of gelatin, with different types of gelatin and processing methods.
  • Modified release formulations provide controlled and sustained drug release, including extended release, delayed release, and repeat action.
  • Pharmaceutical inserts are used for various purposes such as suppositories, vaginal pessaries, and bougies, each with specific shapes and sizes.
  • Suppository bases include oleaginous and water-soluble bases, each with different properties and applications.
  • Pharmaceutical dosage forms include emollients, ointments, creams, gels, pastes, plasters, and poultices, each with specific characteristics and uses.
  • Transdermal drug delivery systems, such as transdermal patches, come in different types including monolithic controlled release and rate controlling matrix.
  • Aerosols are pressurized dosage forms containing propellant gas and are used for various applications such as foams and sprays.
  • Different components are used in aerosol formulations, including antioxidants, surfactants, and propellant gas, to ensure stability and proper functioning.
  • The text provides extensive information on various pharmaceutical formulations, their compositions, methods of preparation, and applications in the field of pharmacy.

Test your knowledge of pharmaceutical solutions and dosage forms with this informative quiz. From classifications of solutions to different types of pharmaceutical formulations, this quiz covers essential concepts and terminology related to pharmacy and pharmaceutical compounding. Whether you're a student or a professional in the pharmaceutical industry, this quiz will help you reinforce your understanding of pharmaceutical solutions and dosage forms.

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