Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Virology Study of Viruses

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Which infectious agent consists only of RNA and causes plant diseases?


What is the name given to infectious proteins that cause fatal neurodegenerative diseases?


Which disease is associated with cannibalistic practices and caused by prions?


Which agent causes a degenerative brain disorder leading to dementia and death in humans?


Which of the following viroids causes coconut cadang-cadang disease?

Coconut Cadang-Cadang Viroid

In which animals do we find the disease Scrapie, caused by prions?

Sheep, Mice, Hamster

Which DNA virus family is known for not being enveloped?


What is the specific characteristic of RNA viruses regarding their replication location?

All replicate in the cytoplasm

Which RNA virus family is known for having a bullet-shaped structure?


What is the common feature of all RNA viruses listed as having non-segmented genomes?

-Sense RNA virus

Which neurodegenerative disease is caused by mutations in the PRNP gene?

Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker (GSS) syndrome

In which neurodegenerative disease does abnormal prion protein transformation occur spontaneously?

Sporadic fatal insomnia (SFI)

What is the main function of a viral capsid in viruses?

Aids in host cell invasion

Which characteristic of viruses is classified as a living characteristic?

Can mutate

What does the term 'obligate intracellular parasites' refer to in viruses?

Viruses that depend on host cells for replication

Which type of nucleic acid can be found in viruses based on the text?

  • or – (if RNA)

What is the approximate size range of viruses based on the text?

10-400 nm

What is the main function of an envelope in viral morphology?

Protection against host cell defenses

Which process involves the release of newly formed virus particles from a host cell?


This quiz covers topics related to virology, including introduction to viruses, viral replication and classification, DNA and RNA viruses, and general properties of viruses. Get ready to test your knowledge on pharmaceutical microbiology and virology study of viruses!

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