Personnel Programs Overview

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What is one of the desires of every worker mentioned in the text?

Regular promotion opportunities

What does a good personnel program aim to achieve according to the text?

Maximizing employee efficiency

Which area does holding and retaining competent employees cover in the personnel program?

Granting fair wages

What is the main objective of a personnel program?

To meet the psycho-sociological needs of employees, customers, and the community

What does developing and motivating the employees include according to the text?

Training and education of employees

How is the success of a personnel program manifested according to the text?

By employees' friendly attitude towards the employer

What does management aim to achieve through a personnel program?

To handle personnel activities and problems efficiently

What is one of the areas that a personnel program covers according to the text?

Strengthening employee morale

What is the purpose of coordinating various functions in a personnel program?

To accomplish the company’s objective of satisfactory relationships

Why is a personnel program considered two-way communication?

To allow communication between employer and employees

What does a personnel program help management do in relation to employees?

Provide ways to resolve personnel problems

How does a personnel program help prevent undesirable personnel problems?

By providing preventive measures and tools for management

Learn about the definition and objectives of personnel programs, which are designed to meet the needs of employees, customers, and the community while achieving company goals. Explore the collection of policies and plans that cover various aspects of employer-employee relationships.

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