Pediatric Health: Tonsillitis Symptoms and Causes

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What is the most common cause of tonsillitis mentioned in the text?


What is a common symptom of viral tonsillitis mentioned in the text?


Which condition warrants consideration of adenoid endoscopy as per the text?


What is a common way that pharyngitis is spread according to the text?

By air through respiratory droplets

Which virus is mentioned in the text as a common cause of a very contagious viral infection affecting the air passages of the lungs?


What is a symptom common to both pharyngitis and laryngitis according to the text?

Hoarseness of voice

What action is recommended in the text to prevent the spread of pharyngitis?

Frequent hand washing

Which symptom is not commonly associated with viral upper respiratory tract infections as per the text?

Watery Red Eyes

What is NOT recommended for treating pharyngitis in children under 3 years old, as per the text?


'A very mild and asymptomatic viral infection' refers to which condition according to the text?

(Common cold)

Which of the following is NOT a symptom of viral laryngitis?


What is the most common cause of croup among the viruses listed?

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

What differentiates the symptoms of Bordetella Pertussis infection during the early stage from the later stages?

Cough ending with a whoop sound

Why is Vitamin A recommended in measles cases?

It reduces the chance of complications and death

Which of the following is NOT a common complication of bronchitis?


How can pneumonia be transmitted according to the information provided?

Via air-borne droplets from cough or sneeze

What is one of the key preventive measures mentioned for pneumonia?

Controlling indoor air pollution

"What is the main reason why TB can be more prevalent in certain populations?"

"Environmental factors like crowding and smoking"

"What is recommended to ease symptoms of bronchitis?"

"Cough medicine for children over 4 years old"

"How long should a child with pneumonia be isolated after starting antibiotic therapy?"

"5 days"

Learn about the symptoms and common causes of tonsillitis in children. From swollen tonsils to fever and sore throat, understand the signs to look out for. Explore the common bacteria responsible for tonsillitis and its prevalence among children aged 5 to 15.

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