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What is the preferred technique when determining particle sizes ranging from 0.2 to 100 microns?

Electron Microscopy

What method involves measuring the terminal settling velocity of particles through a liquid medium to determine particle size?

Sedimentation Rate

Which technique is used for sizing particles in the range of 1-3000 microns?

Microscopy with calibrated grid background

How is the size distribution of particles analyzed when using microscopy with a calibrated grid background?

By using an image analyzer

What is the range of particle sizes that sedimentation rate can calculate using Stokes’ Law?

0.8 to 300 microns

How are trace metals in drug, solvent, container, or stopper eliminated to prepare stable solutions of oxidizable drugs?

By using specialized agents that complex or bind metals

Which type of stability testing involves 6 months study at 40°C with 75% relative humidity?

Accelerated Stability Testing

What is the purpose of Stress Testing in pharmaceutical stability testing?

To determine the most stable formulation for a drug product

What does a tightly-closed container protect the contents from?

Efflorescence, deliquescence, and evaporation

What is the purpose of using Single-unit Packages in medication?

To maintain and utilize the medication conveniently and sanitarily

What is the purpose of a child-resistant container?

To make it difficult for children under 5 years of age and adults to access harmful contents

Which method is employed to eliminate trace metals in pharmaceutical products?

Purification of source of contaminant

Which plastic material mentioned in the text has excellent transparency, luster, and can be sterilized with gamma radiation?


What must be examined in the proposed plastic packaging according to the text to determine its tendency in relation to active pharmacologic agents or pharmaceutical excipients?


Which is NOT a pharmacist responsibility in compounding and dispensing of drugs as stated in the text?

Simplify formulations by avoiding necessary adjuvants when compounding less concrete information prescriptions

True or False: As per the USP definition, room temperature falls between 30°C and 40°C.


Based on the text, which statement about dyes used in products is correct?

90% of dyes used are synthesized from derivative of benzene (aniline)

Test your knowledge on different methods of particle sizing, including microscopy and sedimentation rate. Learn about the use of calibrated grid backgrounds, image analyzers, and electron microscopy to determine particle sizes.

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