Oral Communication: Communicative Strategies Quiz

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Which communicative strategy involves collaboratively establishing a topic?

What does 'Restriction' refer to in communication?

What does 'Turn-Taking' pertain to in communication?

What is covered by 'Topic Control' in communication?

What does 'Topic Shifting' involve in communication?

What does 'Repair' refer to in communication?

What does 'termination' refer to in a conversation?

In the context of language form, what does 'morphology' examine?

What does 'syntax' refer to?

How many syntactic patterns are there according to the text?

Which of the following is NOT one of the syntactic patterns mentioned in the text?

What is important for proper syntax when expressing a series of items or verbs?

What does 'duration of interaction' refer to?

What does 'verbal interaction' involve?

What does non-verbal interaction mainly consist of?

'Parallel structure' is most often an issue when expressing:


Test your knowledge of communicative strategies for oral communication with this quiz. Learn about Cohen's (1990) statement on the importance of using strategies to start and maintain a conversation, as well as the different types of communicative strategies such as nomination.

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