Norton & Company The Protestant Reformation

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What event led to a surge of national pride in England?

What did the defeat of the Spanish Armada lead the English to believe?

Who was responsible for crossing the Spanish variety of tobacco with the tobacco found in Virginia?

What did the defeat of the Spanish Armada allow the English to focus on?

What is the estimated percentage of the native population of the Americas that died in the years following the European invasion?

Which disease was highlighted as the big killer among the native peoples of the Americas?

Who was Bartolomé de las Casas and what did he witness in the Caribbean?

What was one of the major challenges faced by the Spanish upon their arrival in the New World?

What was the reason for the Spanish to tap into the African slave trade in the 1500s?

What was the legacy of Hernando de Soto's expedition into the southeast of what is now the United States?

Why did the Spanish launch expeditions into what is now the United States?

What was the impact of the Spanish possessions in the Caribbean on their standard of living?

What was the significance of the House of Burgesses in 1619?

What was the status of the '20 Negroes' who arrived in Virginia in 1619?

What was the primary purpose of women arriving in Jamestown in 1619?

What was the economic basis for Jamestown's existence in 1619?


Test your knowledge on the impact of the defeat of the Spanish Armada on England and its colonial aspirations during the Protestant Reformation. Explore the historical significance of this event and its effects on national pride and colonial expansion.

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