Neurophysiologic Background for Therapeutic Exercises

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What is the physiological characteristic that determines the amount of stimulation required to initiate the response of a muscle fiber?

Irritability of the motor unit

What is the main goal of therapeutic exercises?

Increasing cardiopulmonary fitness

What is the term used to describe the mechanical response of a muscle after depolarization?


What happens if the stimulus to a muscle fiber is below the threshold level?

No muscle activity occurs

What is the significance of understanding the normal responses of muscles during therapeutic exercises?

To recognize alterations in therapeutic exercises for injury rehabilitation

What is the role of strength in the main goals of therapeutic exercises?

Maintaining stability

What is the general rule of viscosity applied to muscle activity?

The faster the rate of muscle contraction, the greater the internal resistance and the less the external force that can be exerted by the muscle.

According to Hooke's law, what happens when stress is applied to stretch a muscle's fibers?

The strain produced is proportional to the stress applied as long as the elasticity limit is not exceeded.

What is tissue stiffness?

The resistance of tissue or a structure to deformation or change in shape or length.

What happens to a muscle during contracture?

There is a failure of relaxation, leading to shortening of resting length.

What is one reason for the importance of stretching after exercise?

To prevent contracture and ensure muscle relaxation.

What can cause fatigue in muscles?

Exhaustion of a muscle with prolonged activity or failure of the circulatory system to provide necessary nutrients.

What is one agent responsible for local muscle fatigue?

Lactic acid.

What is the effect of stretching tissue quickly?

The tissue's stiffness, or resistance to change, is greater.

What happens during fatigue in a resting muscle?

The quantity of lactic acid increases significantly compared to that in a non-fatigued state.

What is fatigue closely related to?


Explore the physiological properties of skeletal muscle and its unique characteristics essential for normal muscle function. Learn about the main goals of therapeutic exercises, including strength, endurance, cardiopulmonary fitness, stability, flexibility, relaxation, and mobility.

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