Neuron Structure and Function

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What is the main function of dendrites in a neuron?

Branch repeatedly and transmit impulses towards the cell body

Which part of a neuron possesses synaptic vesicles containing neurotransmitters?


In which type of neurons do we find one axon and two or more dendrites?

Multipolar neurons

What is the main difference between myelinated and nonmyelinated nerve fibres?

Formation of myelin sheath around the axon

Which part of a neuron is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses away from the cell body?


What are Nissl's granules primarily found in a neuron?

Cell body

Where are myelinated nerve fibres commonly found in the body?

Spinal and cranial nerves

Which type of neurons are usually found in the embryonic stage with one axon only?

Unipolar neurons

What is the function of Schwann cells in the nervous system?

Form myelin sheath around the axon in myelinated nerve fibres

Learn about the three major parts of a neuron: cell body, dendrites, and axon, along with their functions. Understand the role of Nissl's granules and how impulses are transmitted within a neuron.

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