Nernst Equation for Ionic Equilibrium Potential

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What is the typical value of resting membrane potential?


Which ions have a higher concentration inside the cell compared to outside?

K+ ions

What is responsible for establishing the Na+ and K+ concentration difference in cells?

Sodium-Potassium pump

Which type of cells are capable of self-generation of electrochemical impulses at their membranes?

Excitable cells

What is the main factor contributing to the establishment of membrane potential?

Unequal distribution of positive and negative charges

What does the Na, K ATPase pump do in maintaining cellular function?

Establishes concentration differences of Na+ and K+ ions

Which ion shows passive movement out of the cell at rest?

K+ ions

What happens to the inside of the membrane in the resting state?


Learn about the Nernst Equation, which helps calculate the equilibrium potential for ions based on valence and concentration gradients across a membrane. Understand how the difference in ion channel permeability affects resting membrane potentials.

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