National Building Code of The Philippines - Chapter 3 Quiz

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What type of information must every building permit application provide?

Certified true copy of the TCT covering the lot

If the applicant is not the registered owner, what additional document must be submitted along with the TCT for the building permit application?

Copy of the contract of lease

As per the National Building Code, how thick should footings be for dwellings?

250 millimeters

What must every dwelling have according to the National Building Code in terms of sanitation?

Adequate washing and drainage facilities

What is required to support the load of a dwelling according to the National Building Code?

Footings of sufficient size and strength

What is necessary for a building permit application according to Section 302?

Written application on prescribed form from Building Official office

Test your knowledge on Chapter 3 of the National Building Code of The Philippines, focusing on Permits, Inspection, and Certificate of Occupancy regulations. See how well you understand the requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy and compliance with the building code.

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