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What type of memory registers all or most information that hits our sensory receptors?

Sensory memory

Which model of memory includes sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory?

Modal model of memory

What is the average percentage of letters that participants could recall in Sperling's Whole Report task?


What does the concept of 'persistence of vision' relate to?

Iconic memory decay

In Sperling's Partial Report task, what was the average percentage of letters participants could recall when cued by a tone?


Which type of memory holds information for initial processing and has a very short duration?

Sensory memory

What is the primary focus of the Modal Model of Memory?

The influence it has on memory research

Where does information briefly get stored in the modal model of memory?

Sensory memory

What is the function of short-term memory (STM) according to the modal model?

Holding limited-capacity information temporarily

Which memory store is considered to be perceptual rather than purely a memory process?

Sensory memory

What is the final destination for encoding information in the modal model of memory?

Long-term memory (LTM)

According to the modal model of memory, what affects the encoding and transfer of information between memory stores?

Use of attentional resources

What is the main function of Short-Term Memory (STM) according to the Short-Term Memory Modal Model?

Stores small amounts of information for a brief duration

What is the purpose of the Brown-Peterson Task in measuring Short-Term Memory (STM) duration?

To determine the duration of STM when rehearsal is prevented

Why did Keppel & Underwood (1962) conclude that the limited duration of Short-Term Memory was due to decay?

Because early trials showed evidence of decay

What happens to information in Short-Term Memory (STM) if rehearsal is prevented?

The information decays after a certain period of time

In the Brown-Peterson Task, what was the recall accuracy after three seconds of counting?


What conclusion was drawn about the duration of Short-Term Memory by the Brown-Peterson Task results?

Duration of STM is about 15-20 seconds

Test your knowledge on the modal model of memory, including sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Explore how information is processed and stored in each stage of the memory model.

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