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How can you open Microsoft Word 2016 on Windows 10?

By double-clicking the Word 2016 icon on the desktop

What can be done in the Backstage area of Microsoft Office 2016?

Manage, save, and open files

What information is displayed on the Info Page in Word 2016's Backstage area?

File's name, size, and authors

Why are AutoSaves important in Microsoft Office?

To periodically save files as temporary backups

What can you do using the 'Open' option in Word 2016's Backstage area?

Open a previously saved file for editing

What action allows you to save your file as an Adobe PDF?

Clicking on 'Save As'

Which feature allows you to change the colors of your Office Background?


What should you do either before you start or shortly after opening Word 2016?

Save your document

Which action allows you to access advanced features in Word according to the text?

Clicking on 'Options'

What feature allows you to rearrange the ribbon or other settings in Word?


Study Notes

Microsoft Word 2016 Basics

  • Microsoft Word 2016 is a word processing software for typing letters, reports, and documents.
  • This version is different from previous versions, so experienced users may benefit from this tutorial.

Opening Microsoft Word 2016

  • Open Word 2016 by double-clicking the icon on the desktop or through the Start Menu.
  • In Windows 10, open the Start Menu, click All Apps, and select Word 2016.
  • In Windows 7, open the Start Menu, click All Programs, select Microsoft Office, and click Word 2016.

Understanding the Backstage Area

  • The Backstage area is where you manage, save, and open files, and can also print, select templates, and complete other useful tasks.
  • To access the Backstage, click the File tab at the top left corner of the window.

Features of the Backstage Area

  • The Info Page displays the file's name, size, and authors, as well as when the last AutoSave occurred.
  • AutoSaves are Office's safety net, allowing you to recover some of your work in case of a computer shutdown.
  • The New feature allows you to create a new, blank document or select from Word's template library.
  • The Open feature allows you to open a previously saved file and continue editing it.
  • The Save feature allows you to save your file frequently, which can be done through the button in the upper left corner or by pressing CTRL + S on the keyboard.
  • The Save As feature allows you to save different copies of the same file with slightly different file names.
  • The Print feature allows you to print your document using this screen.
  • The Share feature allows you to email your file, upload it to a blog site, or present your document online.
  • The Export feature allows you to export your document as a different document type.
  • The Account feature allows you to change the colors of your Office Background and sign in with a different Microsoft Account if needed.
  • The Options feature gives you access to advanced features, allows you to rearrange the ribbon, and change other settings in the application.

Creating New Documents

  • When you open Word 2016, a new document is automatically started.
  • You should save your document frequently to prevent loss of file in case of a computer shutdown.
  • You can start entering text into the document, and the insertion point moves across the screen from right to left as you type.

Learn how to use Microsoft Word 2016 for typing letters, reports, and other documents. This tutorial is suitable for beginners and experienced users looking to navigate the specific features of Word 2016. From opening the software to creating documents, this class covers the basics of Microsoft Word 2016.

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