Microsoft Word 2016 Introduction

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What action should you take to prevent a loss of file if your computer unexpectedly shuts down?

Press CTRL + S on your keyboard

Which feature in Word 2016 allows you to export your document as a different document type?


What does the blinking cursor indicate when you start Word 2016?

The insertion point for new text

Which menu allows you to save different copies of the same file with slightly different names?

Save As

What is the purpose of the Share feature in Office 2016?

Upload files to a blog site or email them

How can you open Microsoft Word 2016 on a Windows 7 computer?

Click the Start Menu and then click All Programs, choose Microsoft Office, and click Word 2016.

Where is the File tab located in Microsoft Word 2016?

Top left corner of the window

What is displayed on the Info page in the Backstage of Microsoft Word 2016?

File’s name, size, and authors

What does the AutoSave feature in Microsoft Word 2016 do?

Periodically save your file as a temporary file

What does selecting 'Open' in the Backstage of Microsoft Word 2016 allow you to do?

Open a previously saved file and continue editing it

Learn how to use Microsoft Word 2016 for typing letters, reports, and other documents. This tutorial is suitable for both beginners and experienced users looking to learn the differences introduced in the 2016 version. Step-by-step guidance on opening Microsoft Word 2016 is provided in this class.

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