Medicinal Plants PHG 111 Quiz

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Explain the aim of the course PHG 111 Medicinal Plants according to the provided text.

Who is the instructor for the course PHG 111 Medicinal Plants?

Define pharmacognosy based on the provided text.

What are some of the key topics covered in the course PHG 111 Medicinal Plants?

According to the text, what does the course aim to introduce students to in relation to medicinal leafy plants?

When do the Final Term Exams start for the Fall 2021 semester?

When does the course registration end for the Spring 2022 semester?

On which date does the Revolution Day fall in the academic calendar?

When does the Eid Al-Adha holiday end based on the academic calendar?

What is the date range for the Midterm Exams for Spring 2022?


Test your knowledge of medicinal plants with this quiz based on the course PHG 111. The quiz covers topics such as identifying and preparing crude drugs, dusting powders, plant cytology, physiology, medicinal leafy plants, and taxonomy.

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