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What should be done before removing the medication bottle from the shelf for administration?

Inspect the label of the medicine bottle.

Which color should poisonous drugs be labeled with according to the guidelines?


What should be used to measure the accurate dose of medication?

A calibrated measure

What should always be done before administering medication?

Avoid conversation or any distractions

Where should medicine be poured from the bottle?

Opposite to the label

How many times should the name of the medicine card and medicine container be read before removing the bottle from the shelf?

Three times each

What should be done before pouring or measuring medication into a medicine glass?

Make sure the medicine glass is dry

Which of the following is NOT one of the twelve rights of medication administration mentioned in the text?

Right evaluation

What is the correct action to take regarding verbal orders for medication?

Only accept verbal orders in emergencies

Why is it advised not to return poured medication back into the bottle?

To prevent contamination of the bottle

When should a nurse report an error in medication administration?

Immediately to the nurse in charge

What is one important precaution mentioned when giving pills or tablets to a patient?

Don't touch the pills and place them in a proper container directly from the bottle

What should the nurse do after comparing the medication card with the medication present in the cupboard?

Take the medication in a spoon and give it to the patient with a glass of water

What is a crucial step to prevent medication errors during administration?

Checking 12 rights for medication administration

What should the nurse do after giving water before and after putting powdered tablets into the patient's mouth?

Position the patient in an upright position

What is one of the patient's rights in medication administration?

To be informed about his medication

Why is it important for the nurse to check the patient within 30 minutes after giving medication?

To assess medicine therapeutic benefit or any interaction

After giving medication to a patient, what should the nurse do before recording the details on the nurse’s record?

Stay with the patient until the medicine is swallowed

Test your knowledge on medication administration guidelines such as ensuring medicine glasses are dry before pouring, observing the twelve rights of medication administration, and recording medication usage. Learn best practices for safe and accurate medication administration.

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