Meat Technology: Burger Preparation Process

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Which component is used as an emulsifying agent in the preparation of the burger?


What is the purpose of using a commercial burger maker in the preparation of the burger?

To shape the burger into a specific size and thickness

What is the purpose of adding iced water in the preparation of the burger?

To enhance the juiciness and tenderness

Which spice contributes the most to the spices mixture used in the burger preparation?


Why is plastic paper used in shaping the burger prior to storage?

To prevent sticking and maintain shape

What was used to save the low temperature of the meat and fat mixture during sausage preparation?


Which component was added to the sausage mixture at the final stage?


Where was the sausage stored after preparation, and at what temperature?

Plastic bag, -18±1°C

What method was used for the irradiation treatment of the fifth group of sausages?

60Co Russian gamma chamber

How was the beef sausage stored after the irradiation treatment?

Cold storage (4±1ºC)

Test your knowledge of the burger preparation process in meat technology. Learn about the specific steps and techniques involved in making burgers from beef and camel meat, including the addition of iced water, additives, and spices, and the use of a commercial burger maker.

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