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What is a characteristic of cancer cells?

Density-independent inhibition

Which of the following is a feature of normal cell growth?

Anchorage dependence

What is disrupted in cancer, leading to uncontrolled cell growth?

Balance of cell growth and apoptosis

What is a characteristic of cancer cells compared to normal mammalian cells?

Loss of anchorage dependence

Which term describes the phenomenon where normal cells stop dividing when they become crowded?

Density-dependent inhibition

What is the term for the balance between new cell growth and old cell death in normal tissues?


What type of gene codes for growth factors and is active in actively dividing tissues?


What is the role of tumor suppressor genes in cell division and cell cycle?

Inhibit and regulate cell proliferation

Which of the following might occur in a cancer cell even without the trigger from a receptor?

Signal cascade activation without trigger from receptor

Which type of viruses can trigger uncontrolled cell division by enabling transformation?

Both DNA and RNA viruses

What is the function of oncogenes?

Produce too much growth factor and over stimulate mitosis

How do oncogenic viruses interfere with the gene sequences that encode proteins involved in the cell cycle?

By interfering with the gene sequences

What is the therapeutic strategy for treating cancer that involves preventing cells from entering the S-phase or blocking the S-phase or M-phase?

Phase-specific chemotherapies

Which of the following is a characteristic of cancer cells?

"Only one daughter"

Test your knowledge of the course syllabus for MBG307: The Cell Cycle, covering topics such as overview of the eukaryotic cell cycle, model organisms in cell cycle analysis, cell cycle control system, mitosis, cell signaling, and more.

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