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Which type of cue is perceived internally by the athlete?

Internal cue

What type of focus of attention is recommended for improved learning?

External focus

What should coaches encourage athletes to pay attention to for optimal learning?

Something external to their body

What is the most effective teaching process for skill acquisition?

Demo the skill, practice, feedback

When is the best time to provide feedback after a performance?

As soon as possible after the performance

What type of feedback is recommended for long-term learning?

Summary feedback

What is the least effective approach for providing feedback?

Evaluative feedback

What is the recommended timing for feedback?

After the performance

Who should coaches pay attention to when considering the effects of their feedback?

Themselves, the athlete, and others in the group

Which stage of learning is characterized by the athlete knowing what they don't know?

Cognitive phase

Which one of these is NOT a step in inventing creative options?

Search for mutual gain

What are the four learning styles mentioned in the text?

Auditory, visual, kinesthetic, reading and writing

What is the purpose of delivering a game plan to athletes?

To provide instructions

Which of the following is NOT a step to effective coaching?

Stimulus to create change

What is the purpose of instructions in coaching?

To provide value to the athletes

Which is more effective in learning, demonstrations or explanations?


What is the purpose of cues and reference points in coaching?

To control athlete's movement

Which of the following is NOT a learning style mentioned in the text?


What is the importance of repeated demonstrations in learning?

To increase the speed of learning

What is the purpose of objectives in coaching?

To set goals

Which of the following is a shortcoming of the traditional training approach?

All of the above

What are the 3 steps involved in shaping play according to the text?

Shaping, focusing, enhancing

Which method of training involves athletes playing against live competition in less predictable conditions?

Method 3

What are the 6 concepts of the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) approach?

Teaching, breaking, performing, learning, involving, understanding

Which type of games involve invading an opponent's territory to score?

Territory games

Which method of training is characterized by stable training conditions and athletes working alone?

Method 1

What is the main criticism of the traditional training approach?

All of the above

Which method of training involves athletes making decisions based on a single variable in a controlled environment?

Method 2

What is the purpose of simulated play in training?

To promote the development of athletes

What are the key elements involved in shaping play according to the text?

Shaping play rules, number of people, size of playing area, goal/scoring

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