Master the Basics of Tissues and Their Functions

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What is the difference between unicellular and multicellular organisms?

Unicellular organisms consist of a single cell that performs all basic functions, while multicellular organisms consist of millions of specialized cells that carry out specific functions.

Give an example of a specialized function carried out by muscle cells in human beings.

Muscle cells in human beings contract and relax to cause movement.

What is the function of nerve cells in human beings?

Nerve cells in human beings carry messages.

What do vascular tissues in plants conduct?

Vascular tissues in plants conduct food and water from one part of the plant to other parts.

What is the division of labor in multicellular organisms?

In multicellular organisms, different groups of cells specialize in specific functions, allowing for efficient performance of those functions.

Test your knowledge on tissues and their functions in multicellular organisms with this quiz. Learn about how cells specialize to carry out specific functions and understand the importance of tissues in living organisms.

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