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What is the purpose of a feedback system in the body?

To monitor and evaluate the status of the body's condition

Which component of the feedback system is responsible for detecting changes in the body's environment?


What is the primary function of negative feedback systems in the body?

To maintain stability and prevent excessive change

In which part of the body do the highest proportions of water compose 80–85 percent of their masses?


Which of the following is NOT a basic cell function related to obtaining nutrients and oxygen?

Synthesizing proteins needed for cell structure and growth

What is the primary function of performing chemical reactions that use nutrients and O2?

To provide energy for the cells

Why is obtaining food (nutrients) and oxygen (O2) crucial for all cells?

To perform chemical reactions that provide energy for the cells

Which of the following is a key part of a cell's response to changes in the surrounding environment?

Being sensitive and responsive to changes in the surrounding environment

Which atoms make up 96% of the total body chemistry?

Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen

At which level of organization in the human body do cells become the basic units of life?

The cellular level

Which atoms and molecules are the inanimate raw ingredients from which all living things arise?

Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and nucleic acids

What is the fundamental unit of both structure and function in a living being?

The cell

Test your knowledge on the process of cell differentiation and specialization in complex multicellular organisms. Learn about how cells become specialized to carry out specific functions and the importance of this process in the human body.

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