Cell Specialization and Multicellular Organisms

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What is the definition of a tissue?

A group of cells that are similar in structure and/or work together to achieve a particular function forms a tissue.

What is the significance of division of labour in multi-cellular organisms?

Division of labour allows cells to specialize in specific functions, leading to efficient performance of those functions.

Give an example of a function carried out by specialized cells in human beings.

Muscle cells contract and relax to cause movement, while nerve cells carry messages.

How does division of labour manifest in plants?

In plants, vascular tissues conduct food and water from one part of the plant to other parts.

What is the role of blood in multi-cellular organisms?

Blood flows to transport oxygen, food, hormones, and waste material.

What are the noticeable differences between the structure and functions of plants and animals?

Plants are stationary with a large quantity of supportive tissue, while animals move around and contain mostly living tissues. Plants have limited growth regions, while animals have more uniform cell growth.

Why do plants have a large quantity of supportive tissue?

Plants have a large quantity of supportive tissue to remain upright since they are stationary and don't move.

What is the difference in the pattern of growth between plants and animals?

The growth in plants is limited to certain regions, while in animals, there is no demarcation of dividing and nondividing regions, and cell growth is more uniform.

How do meristematic tissues contribute to the growth of plants?

Meristematic tissues are responsible for the growth of plants as they are the dividing tissues located only in specific regions where growth occurs.

What is the fundamental difference in the structural organisation of organs and organ systems between complex animals and complex plants?

The structural organisation of organs and organ systems is far more specialised and localised in complex animals than even in very complex plants, reflecting the different modes of life pursued by these two major groups of organisms.

Test your knowledge on the concept of cell specialization and the organization of cells in multicellular organisms. Learn about the functions of different groups of cells in living organisms.

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